Making the Switch to Wildlife Management Webinar

Join Plateau on  for a webinar on making the switch from traditional Ag or Timber to Wildlife Management.

Every year, Plateau Account Managers travel around the great state of Texas to educate folks about the many benefits of Wildlife Management Tax Valuation at our fall seminars. Unfortunately, not everyone can make it to a seminar which is why we provide our Introduction to Wildlife Management Webinar.
This webinar is an introduction to Wildlife Management – how it works, who qualifies, how to get started and how being in Wildlife can benefit you and your land.
We’ll cover the fundamentals of Wildlife Management – what is required, activities, the law, guidelines and documentation.
We’ll provide answers to common questions, examples of other landowner experiences, top activities in each category and how Plateau can help.
If you’re in Ag or Timber and looking for an alternative, this is another chance to find out if Wildlife Management could be the right choice for you and your property. This is great information for those already in Wildlife Management and those thinking about making the switch.

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