LAND 🔥 Available Properties for August 11, 2020

California, Trinity County
58.2 Acres | $250,000

Oklahoma, Latimer County
4.6 Acres | $60,000

New Mexico, Cibola County
20 Acres | $39,900

Colorado, Las Animas County
46.62 Acres | $59,900

New Mexico, Cibola County
20 Acres | $39,900

New Mexico, Cibola County
20 Acres | $39,900

About LANDiO

LANDiO is the convergence of the World’s first and most foundational asset class, married with state-of-the art technology and design.

Based outside Houston, Texas, LANDiO does business throughout the United States using our professionally developed website to provide a superior customer experience.

We Love Land

Some of our earliest and fondest childhood memories were set in forests, on farms and near lakes and rivers.

Owning land has been a part of our family for generations and we are continuing that tradition. Each parcel of land is uniquely one-of-a-kind and we find beauty in all of them.

Why Land?

The return on investments in land can be financial and / or physiological. Through land investing you can build wealth, a legacy, or both. Land can be enjoyed in its native state or improved and built upon.

The resources from land can feed, clothe, shelter and comfort us.


LANDiO : LAND is Opportunity

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