7 Creeks Ranch – Tract 117

26.68 Acres





This is the road coming down to the lake – you are looking North – Tract 117 on the right



Now you are looking at the front of the lot 117-

Note the cleared area is where the house would probably go



Now you are looking a little more to the North –

notice how heavily treed the lot is with Cedar trees- not many Oaks



Now even further to the N- heavily covered with Cedar trees –

We commonly remove all or most of the Cedar trees and leave the Oaks


This lot has a great Lake view-

It would take some major clearing, but this could be a fantastic estate lot.

Tract 119

23.32 Acres




This is the road coming down to the lake –

you are looking North – Tract 119 on the left



Now looking a little to the NNW-

On this tract the cedar trees were mostly removed, except for the buffer



A little more to the NNW – Mostly cleared –

The house in the background in on the adjoining tract



A little more to the WNW- shot from the cul-de-sac .

Lots of places to build



A high view of the lake from the front of  Tract 119



Another view of the lake looking toward Tract 117




Tract 133-

10.42 Acres


Note: this is a shot of a tract across the lake at tract 133.

I am adding it in as it also has a great lake view.

It enters from another road ( notice the telephone poles in the background)

See the road on the left side going up the hill, this lot starts there an goes up to the first telephone pole on the left.

Then it goes to the second telephone pole along the back of this tract, down to that group of trees in the middle of this picture.


Here is a link to MapRight that you can drill down and focus on any of these lots.

MapRight Link:


Finally- you asked about utilities:

Electricity is at the Northern most border of tract 119, and 117

On Tract 133 it is on the street behind the lot from this view. ( telephone poles )

Each tract will require a Well and a Septic system

Internet is a local “Line of Sight” provider

All tracts are ag. exempt