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What is the "Value Proposition"

We are one of the largest web sites dedicated to

 Vacation Homes , Second Homes and Ranches in the country.

To date we have over 1000 cities and counties in our data base.


Here is the data on our April 15, 2019 to May 15, 2019 traffic:

"Extensive Influencer Blogs highlighting your destination market." As a Realtor partner, you can provide additional blogs and featured properties.We encourage you to do that.

All traffic for your communities will go straight to you.

We can offer this package for $25/ month / per city or county – six month minimum, then month to month. Compare this to your other marketing opportunities!



We will commit to spending $25 semi-monthly to boost your property or article on Facebook .

To better highlight each Realtor Partner and to provide the highest level of design look and feel,

SHS can coordinate a Local MLS feed to SecondHomeSearch.com.

This will increase the quality of search

and the prospects search experience. It can also increase response rates.

This option is available for $30 per month per MLS.