Telluride The Best Mountain Town in Colorado

Introducing Our Partner in Telluride

Adam Black


Telluride Real Estate


“Strong attention to details, persistence, integrity, honesty, and good relationships with real estate related service providers are his keys to success.”

Telluride is the best mountain town in Colorado. There, I said it. And I pretty much knew this as a fact from the moment I first drove into town. Well, you know, in my reality at least.
Driving into Telluride made me feel like Frodo when he first laid eyes on Rivendell. The picture perfect main street was well, picture perfect, but loads of Colorado’s mountain towns have beautiful main streets. What really blew my mind were the scenic views of the canyon that the town is nestled in.

Telluride is located in a box canyon, and is surrounded on three sides by formidable mountains, steep and forested and topped with rocky crags. In the distance, impressive waterfalls tumble to jagged rocks below. It reminds me of Rivendell because of all of the waterfalls, and because it is almost impossibly beautiful.

It looks like something out of a damn fairytale.

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