New Construction Tips

New Construction Tips – Why should I use a Realtor?

Navigating the process of purchasing and building a new home from start to finish is

something that you do not want to tackle alone.  Having a knowledgeable realtor at your

side is always the best approach to streamline the process and help take the stress and

guess work out of the challenges that arise with new construction

You may be asking yourself, “Where do I begin?”  I want to build and buy a new home

but I am not sure of how to tackle this massive process. Here are some helpful tips of

why you should have a realtor at your side at every step of the new construction process.

1. You want someone at your side that is going to be acting in your best interest to

get the job done right the first time. Choose a knowledgeable agent that has new

construction experience under their belt.

2. Realtor’s have an abundance of tools and knowledge at their disposal. Working

with an agent can save you time and money in the long run.

3. From choosing the home site to dealing with geographic topography and

zoning restrictions. Your agent can help walk you through the advantages and

disadvantages of different home sites.  This can help you to make informed

decisions that could greatly impact your cost of the building process and future

resale value of your home.

4. Having an agent at your side to guide you through the paperwork and

abundance of documents that are necessary to get the job done and protect your

best interest.  Your realtor will help guide you from the initial point of contract

to working with a design center to closing your new home at the title company.

5. Staying within your budget is often hard to do when building a new home.

Your realtor can remain neutral and help you stay on task with your budget.

Spending money in the right areas of finishing out your new home is key for its

future resale value.

6. Who do I turn to when something goes wrong with the new construction

process?  Having your agent at your side is invaluable to getting the project

back on track.  They can work with the builder and contractors to determine

the best approach to solving the problems and challenges that arise with new


7. Having another set of eyes is always best.  Your realtor will help you determine

the best approach for getting those Third Party inspections completed.  From

the initial survey to foundation, frame, mechanical and final inspections

knowing when to have your home inspected can save you a lot of headaches and

expenses down the road.  Catching a problem before it is too late is the key to a

successful build.

Call your Avalar New Construction Specialist today and make your real estate

dreams a reality!

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