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Texas Ranches For Sale Monthly Update – September 2017

We at Texas Ranches For Sale are deeply saddened by the devastation affecting our great state the past few weeks. Our hearts and prayers are with all those who are experiencing loss from the hurricane.

As we donated to local storm relief stations the past several days, we were humbled at the number of individuals, churches, and organizations who are extending a helping hand in every way imaginable. Many are collecting and distributing food, clothes, and supplies, and helping with cleanup of debris. A number of people have sacrificed themselves to rescue those stranded by floodwaters. Thank you to everyone who is helping those in distress.

We are proud to be a part of the unity that Texans display, especially in time of need. God Bless all of those who are suffering, and God Bless everyone who is taking part in relieving their pain. We stand with you and will continue to pray.


Ken Hoerster

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