Breckenridge Market Update 10/4/2017

Introducing Our Partner in Breckenridge Colorado

Brian Donovan



“Working with both Buyers and Sellers has given me the opportunity to meet and become friends with some great people.”

The Market: The Average Sales Price through September 30, 2017 as compared to the same time period in 2016 is up 18% for residential sales in Summit County, CO! The number of sales has increased by 3.5%. Watch the above video to learn about each town and more. Oh, and 54% of residential sales in Summit County are over $500,000!


Homes: So, what does a home cost today in Summit County? The average sold price is just under $1.2 Million for a single family home. Three bedroom homes are averaging $840,000 and if one wants a 5 bedroom home their averaging $1,750,000.  For a newer home built 2010 and newer the average sold price is $1.6 Million and for one built 2009 and older the average sold price is $1 Million.


Condos: The average purchase price for a condo in Summit County is $420,000. Of course, the price does vary by bedroom size with a 1 bedroom at an average of $300,000, 2 bedrooms at an average of $450,000 and 3 bedrooms averaging $600,000. Condos built 2000 and newer are averaging $687,000 and those built 1999 and older are averaging $380,000.


Town Homes: Something in between a home and a condo will cost an average of $670,000 in Summit County.  One can get into a 2 bedroom for an average of $445,000, a 3 bedroom for an average of $720,000 and a 4 bedroom for an average of $900,000.  Town homes built prior to 2000 are averaging a sold price at $600,000 and those built 2000 and up are averaging $835,000.


Interesting: The peak selling year for residential sales from 1/1-9/30 was 2006. Today the county is witnessing strong sales, yet those sales would have to increase by 28% to equal 2006’s. And, yet, the 2006 average sold price would have to increase 52% to equal the average sold price today.


All the above prices are average sold prices for sales this year between 1/1 – 9/30.

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