About Us


You’ve just landed on the most comprehensive website dedicated solely to vacation and second

home real estate available on the market today. The collaboration of professionals at Second

Home Search (SHS) have combined to help you define, locate and invest wisely in your next

vacation home or ranch property.

Why are we different

First and foremost, we are REALTORS® not “techies”. SHS was founded by Michael Brown, a 28

year veteran in Real Estate, and our leadership team has extensive real estate backgrounds.

Collectively, we have helped thousands of clients like you, not only make one of the most

important buying decisions of your life, but helping to realize your dream to spend time in a

destination of your choosing. To relax and rejuvenate your spirit or spend time with family and

friends and celebrate life and success.

Why are we better?

Because many websites showcasing second or vacation homes are just a collection of various

listings. While you can certainly search for properties, they are limited to only the attributes of

the property. All too often, that minimal amount of information is outdated and the property is

already off the market. Our real estate partners live and work in the communities they serve

and the communities you seek. Our partners are fully vetted, personally by us, and committed

to providing you with expert advice and knowledge in a way only someone who lives there can

provide. Not only do you receive accurate information, you gain valuable insight and local flavor

of the community you are exploring. You can better understand the nuances of each

neighborhood that make up that community. When you make your final decision, you are

confident that you have made the best choice possible for you and your family.

On this website you’ll find blog posts from one of our many local experts providing updates on

the local communities and tips on new developments or homes that will soon hit the market.

Currently our professional network stretches from South Texas all the way to the Canadian

border, traversing both sides of the Rocky Mountains. Soon we will be opening additional

geographic regions including Florida and the entire East Coast.

Whether you’re a seasoned real estate investor always on the lookout for the perfect deal or

wanting to dip your vacation home toes in the water for the very first time, a single phone call

or email to one of our partner agents can help guide you through the entire process of finding,

financing, and closing on your next vacation home.

Our pledge to you is…

To  provide the most current and complete information on vacation or second homes, as well as,destination ranch properties.

To provide the most professional and responsive REALTOR® in each local destination with specific knowledge and insight into the market of your choice.

To expand your search experience to include off-market and unlisted properties through our Key REALTOR® Partners in each destination market.

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We  will send updates as often as you like on current properties and properties not yet on

the market, giving you a head start on everyone else finding your special dream vacation

or second home.

Enjoy exploring SecondHomeSearch.com!